The potential effects of non-renal factors glucocorticoid treatment and hematological malignancies on serum cystatin C level

Document Type : Brief Report



Cystatin C as a novel marker of kidney function may have some drawbacks in clinical practice. The aim of the present study was to assess the impact of glucocorticoid therapy and hematological malignancies on serum cystatin C level in patients receiving amphotericin B. Forty five adult patients with no history of acute or chronic kidney injury planned to receive conventional amphotericin B for an anticipated duration of at least 1 week for any indication were included. Serum cystatin C as well as creatinine levels were measured at three time points during amphotericin B treatment including days 0, 7, and 14. There was no statistically significant association between hematological malignancies and elevated serum Cys C at days 0 (P = 0.0705), 7 (P = 0.679), and 14 (P = 1). The mean ± SD serum Cys C levels at three time points were comparable between patients received glucocorticoids and those not given glucocorticoids. Our findings suggested that glucocorticoid treatment and hematological malignancies appear to have no significant effect on the serum cystatin C level in patients under amphotericin B treatment.

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