A Tribute to Professor Maike Petersen

Document Type : Letter to The Editor


Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, School of Pharmacy, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, I.R. Iran.


Maike Petersen as a professor of pharmaceutical biology at Marburg University has been admired on the occasion of her 62nd birthday. Her scientific trend, mesmerizing character, discipline, and good nature make her a role model for the generation of students and colleagues. Her behavior can profoundly influence the thoughts on scholarship, leadership, and humanity. A rare combination of a personality trait with simultaneous brilliance and humbleness makes her so respected. In addition to all the marvelous attributes of her personality, her reputation as a phytochemist is truly deserved. A brief review of her achievements shows that she is one of the pioneers in the identification and characterization of enzymes, especially in vitro plant cultures, to shed light on the biosynthetic pathways in the way of the production of valuable metabolites. Trends of her research show her focused and oriented investigations in the field. Therefore, within this letter, her commitment to innovation, pluralism, generosity of spirit with all due respect has been admired.


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