Preparation and in vitro evaluation of controlled release granules of mesalazine for colon targeted drug delivery system

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of pharmaceutics, school of pharmacy, Shiraz university of medical sciences

2 Department of pharmaceutics, school of pharmacy, shiraz university of medical science, Shiraz, Iran



Targeted drug delivery systems into the colon to cure different local diseases like ulcerative colitis, cancer, and irritable bowel diseases have gained attention. These drug delivery systems are more effective for local inflammation and have limited side effects. The purpose of the present study is to formulate a controlled-release system of mesalazine, an anti-inflammatory agent by fluidized bed coating. The formulation was prepared using hydroxyl propyl methylcellulose as sustained delivery and cellulose acetate phthalate for enteric-coated behavior. The prepared granules were evaluated for particles size, moisture content, friability, dissolution test. The granules made with wet granulation had a suitable size and free flowability with carr's index lower than 20. It was concluded that the prepared granules could be successfully formulated with the use of release retarding polymers. The formulation showed appropriate release retardation of the drug, indicating the potential of a delivery system. A further investigation like capsule preparation and microbial count examination is needed for better evaluation of the formulation.