Number of Articles: 154
52. Captopril fast disintegrating tablets for children: formulation and quality control by HPLC

Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 161-168

Shohreh Alipour; Asiyeh Mohammadi; Fatemeh Ahmadi

53. Chemical and biological approaches for the synthesis of iron based nanoparticles

Volume 3, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 237-244

Seyedeh-Masoumeh Taghizadeh; Younes Ghasemi; Alireza Ebrahiminezhad

54. Preparation and Characterization of Celecoxib-Conjugated Polyethylenimine as a Potential Nanocarrier for Gene Delivery

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2018

Hossein Sadeghpour; Kobra Roshan Nasrabad; Marjan Alipour Haghighi; Ali Dehshahri

55. Antidiabetic, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Antifungal Activities of Vanadyl Schiff Base Complexes

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2018

Susan Torabi; Mohsen Mohammadi; Marzieh Shirvani

56. Hepatoprotective properties of the glycolipoprotein extract from Eisenia foetida

Volume 4, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 149-160

Akram Jamshidzadeh; Fatemeh Dabagh; Omid Farshad; Mohammad Mehdi Ommat; Azadeh Mahdavinia; Negar Azarpira; Maryam Shahbazi; Asma Najibi; Reza Heidari

57. Antimicrobial effect of some herbal medicine against infectious bacteria isolated from burn wound

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 219-224

Shahin Mohammadsadeghi; Hasan Habibi; Abdolkhalegh Keshavarzi; Abdorrasoul Malekpour

58. Passive Enhancement of Transdermal Drug Delivery: Lipid-Based Colloidal Carriers as an Emerging Pharmaceutical Technology Platform

Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 25-40

Leila Moradi; Sanaz Javanmardi; Samirasadat Abolmaali; Soliman Mohammadi Samani

59. Concurrent analysis of Simvastatin and citicoline using a Reversed-phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Ultra Violet Method

Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 41-46

Negin Mozafari; Soha Azadi; Soliman Mohammadi Samani; Fatemeh Farjadian; Amir Azadi

61. Attenuation of hyperlipidemia in diabetic and Triton x-100 induced hyperlipidemic rats by Thymus daenensis Celak extract

Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 57-64

Mohammad Javad Khoshnoud; Zahra Sabahi; Mahmoudreza Moein; Marzieh Rashedinia; Sareh Pourshahsavari

62. Medication reconciliation at admission by pharmacists in a teaching referral hospital in Iran

Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 65-72

Iman Karimzadeh; Mahtabalsadat Mirjalili; Ehsan Mirzaei; Shaghayegh Mottaghi; Afsaneh Vazin

63. A Colorimetric Method to Measure the Amount of Hydroquinone in Liposomal Formulations

Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2019, Pages 87-92

rabea khoshneviszadeh; Bibi Sedigheh Fazly Bazzaz; Omid Rajabi

64. Discovery of Potential Natural Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors for Type-2 Diabetes Treatment via Structure-Based Virtual Screening

Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2019, Pages 137-144

Sara Ranjbar; Mehrane Mohammadabadi Kamarei; Amirhossein Sakhteman; Mehdi khoshneviszadeh

65. Detection of enterotoxin-coding genes of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from hospitalized patients using a multiplex-PCR method

Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 185-190

Vahid Ghanbarinejad; Aboozar Kazemi; Mina Zareei; Reza Heidari; Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam

66. Cytotoxicity of some 1-(2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-3-(4-phenylpiperidin-1-yl) prop-2-en-1-one derivatives using MTT assay

Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2015, Pages 20-24

Farzaneh Fesahat; Mehdi Khoshneviszadeh; Alireza Foroumadi; Alireza Vahidi; Maryam Fereidounpour; Amirhossein Sakhteman

67. Chemical compositions of two endemic Thymus species essential oil

Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2015, Pages 83-86

Samira Jaberi; Mahmoodreza Moein; Jafari Azizolah; Forough Karami

68. Efficacy of some metronidazole derivatives against Giardia lamblia, in vivo study

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 149-152

Mohammad Hossein Motazedian; Nilofar Mohammadpour; Soghra Khabnadideh

69. Myrrh a traditional medicine or a multipurpose pharmaceutical excipient

Volume 1, Issue 4, December 2015, Pages 207-212

Fatemeh Erfanfar; Hashem Montaseri; Abdolali Mohagheghzadeh; Ayda Hosseinkhani

70. Association of interleukin-13 gene variants with susceptibility to brucellosis

Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2016, Pages 17-24

Sayed-Jalal-Aladin Ashraf-Mansuri; Manoochehr Rasouli; Sohrab Najafipour; Ali Moravej; Mehdi Kalani; Manica Negahdaripour

71. Medication errors in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: incidence, types and outcome

Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2016

Saeedeh Haghbin; Sina Shahsavari; Afsaneh Vazin

72. Evaluating knowledge, attitude and practice of intensive care unit nurses in administering medications via enteral tubes

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 195-204

Jalal Khani; Afsaneh Vazin; Mojtaba Shafiekhani

73. Hepatoprotective effects of Artemia salina L. extract against carbon tetrachloride-induced toxicity

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2016, Pages 259-264

Mohammad Ali Mobasher; Akram Jamshidzadeh; Reza Heidari; Ghazal Ghahiri; Nazanin Mobasher

74. The effects of HPMC concentration as an efficient pharmaceutical dosage form on phage release pattern from gels

Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2017, Pages 19-24

Meysam Adibi; Ava Soltani Hekmat; Nazanin Mobasher; Younes Ghasemi; Milad Mohkam; Shima Jafari; Mohammad Ali Mobasher

75. N-Phenyl Ureidobenzenesulfonate derivatives as novel anticancer agents: QSAR and Molecular docking studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 83-104

Masood Fereidoonnezhad; Azar Mostoufi; Fariba Aliyan